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Sports Injury Rehab Program

Recover. Rebuild. Rebound stronger than ever.

Injured playing sport? Let us help you get you back to doing what you love.  We know a sports injury can feel like a big setback – to us, it’s an opportunity to make an even stronger, longer comeback! 

A full circle approach, supported by a team of experts. 

At O-health, we don’t just offer your typical sports rehabilitation program. We’ve crafted a unique and comprehensive rehabilitation program exclusively for sportspeople just like you. With our Sports Injury Rehab Program, you’ll have your own team of rehab experts, passionate about helping you to recover from injury while building on your whole body strength and fitness conditioning to optimise your comeback performance.  

Access when it suits. 

Your personalised rehab program includes a weekly session with your dedicated Strength & Rehab Coach, weekly treatment with your Physio and access to our purpose-built strength and conditioning space. You’ll have the freedom to work through your rehab program at your own pace, with the support of our team along the way.

Tailored for your success, with a community of support. 

You won’t be left to do it alone. Our weekly semi-private sessions with your Strength & Rehab Coach mean you get hands-on guidance, encouragement, and a community of support from others on the same path to recovery. Together, we push boundaries, celebrate victories, and keep each other motivated.  Our experienced physiotherapists will work closely with you during your weekly appointments, to optimise your body’s healing process and treat any lingering niggles and pain.  

To get started book an initial injury assessment with one of our Physiotherapists.

Your Personalised Roadmap to Recovery      

Because each sportsperson and injury is unique, we start with creating a personalised rehab program, developed by our Exercise Scientists in partnership with your Physiotherapist and tailored to your specific injury, goals, and sport. 

Following a proven rehab roadmap – used by professional sports teams and specialist rehab programs – supported by specialist sports science technology, your rehab program is driven by data and insights specific to your body, your injury and your sport to enhance your recovery so you can feel great on a quick turn-around and come back stronger.

Meet your Coaches

Sam Hargreave

Exercise Scientist

Noah Amery

Exercise Scientist

Mathieu Doré

Exercise Scientist

Common Sports Injuries we help with:

  • Knee Injuries e.g. ACL rupture
  • Ankle Injuries e.g. Ankle sprain
  • Shoulder Injuries e.g. Shoulder dislocation
  • Bone Fractures e.g. Wrist fracture
  • Tendon tears & Ruptures e.g. Achilles rupture


How long until I’m back to play?   

The length of your program will be determined based on your injury assessment, sport and individual rehabilitation plan. Your Physiotherapist will prescribe this as part of your injury assessment and initial treatment. 

Your Physio and Strength & Rehab Coach will talk you through your personalised program, including program duration, prior to program sign-up. Part of confirming program eligibility is the commitment from you to completing the full program duration. 

We need this commitment from you to ensure your optimal return to play. 

What’s included? 
  • Weekly Physiotherapy treatment 
  • Weekly session with your personal Strength & Rehab Coach (semi-private) 
  • Individual rehab program designed and updated every 4 weeks by our accredited Exercise Scientists, in partnership with your Physiotherapist 
  • Access to our specialised program app TrainHeroic 
  • Unlimited access to the O-Gym, our Strength Gym during opening hours (must book these sessions online) 
  • Ongoing progression monitoring and support throughout the program by your dedicated Strength + Rehab Coach and Physio 

Interested? Here’s how to get started.

To find out if this program is right for you –  book an injury assessment appointment with one of our Physiotherapists below. Or call our team for more information – (02) 6021 2777.