Our Physiotherapists are experts in anatomy, movement and function.

When would I see a Physiotherapist?

If you are experiencing movement disorders and pain.

Our physios take a very hands-on approach in the treatment room and give corrective exercises to patients to optimise function.

They are passionate about injury prevention and helping people get back to doing what they love!

We offer both pre-operative and post-operative care.

For example, we can discuss a rehab program that could see you avoid surgery for an Achilles or Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury. With diligence you could even return to sport feeling confident and strong.

If you come to us post-operation, we can help you return to your leisure and day-to-day activities, possibly even stronger than before you had surgery!

Physiotherapists can help with:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Non-operative Sports Injury Management (ACL, Achilles, AC)
  • Post Operative Rehabilitation
  • Chronic Shoulder/Knee/Back Pain
  • Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow
  • Oncology/cancer rehab
  • Orthopaedics
  • Back pain
  • Women’s Health (pelvic pain, incontinence, abdominal separation, back pain)
  • Gluteal tendinopathy
  • Rotator cuff injuries / shoulder pain
  • Tension headaches
  • Falls prevention and balance
  • Sports injuries
  • Clinical pilates

Your physiotherapist might use or recommend:

  • Exercise programs to improve mobility and strengthen muscles
  • Joint manipulation and mobilisation to reduce pain and stiffness
  • Muscle re-education to improve control and posture
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Assistance with use of aids, splints, crutches, walking sticks and wheelchairs
  • Gait retraining
  • Dry needling