Strength & Conditioning Programs 

If you are passionate about your active lifestyle or rehabilitation outcomes – we are too, especially about your strength and conditioning.

Our 12-week Strength & Conditioning Programs are delivered by our Exercise Scientists – university-qualified specialists in exercise and sports science – in the O-gym, our purpose-built strength & conditioning facility.

Each program is personalised based on your strength/movement assessment results and specific active lifestyle goals.

We use a combination of strength exercises and conditioning methods to improve how you move, reduce pain, and enhance performance in all aspects of life.

Our coaches will be there with you every step of the way, providing support and feedback where you need it. We’ll continue to progress your exercises throughout your program, helping you to get fitter and stronger over time. 

Our 12-week program involves: 

  • A weekly 1:1 or semi-private session with your dedicated S&C coach in our O-gym
  • Open access to the O-gym during opening hours for any additional sessions
  • Re-testing during your program to measure your progress and improvements. 
  • Each week your progress will be tracked and adjustments will be made to your program by your coach as you improve. 

We’ll help you move better, feel better, perform better, and reduce the potential for injury. But commitment and consistency are key. This is how you will see real results and maintain them. Think of this less as a treatment and more as a lifestyle.

What is Strength & Conditioning Training?

Strength and Conditioning training involves a wide range of exercises that focus on improving your mobility, stability, strength, endurance, power, speed, agility and performance.

Just as important is using this training to reduce recurring or potential injuries – so our programs also focus on strengthening parts of your body that may be prone to injury in a particular activity or sport.

Strength & Conditioning training can help with:

  • Event/sport-specific training
  • Pre/post-surgery rehabilitation 
  • Injury management/rehabilitation
  • Running programs
  • Youth development
  • Chronic pain management 


Strength & Conditioning Program Assessment (new patient) allow 90 min

Who is it for?

For any new patient to the clinic or complex patients – this gives us time to collect a full patient health history as well and your functional assessment


Strength & Conditioning Program Assessment (existing patient) allow 45 min

Who is it for?

Existing O-health patients – where we already have a full patient health history and only need to do your functional assessment

How much will the 12 week program cost?

Program pricing starts at $85 per week plus your one-off initial assessment. 

Your program includes one weekly session with your S&C coach, plus open access to the O-gym during our opening hours. 

See our full gym fees and services HERE.


How do I get started with my Strength & Conditioning Program?

1. Book an initial Strength & Conditioning Program assessment – you can do this online or by phone. 

We start each program with an initial assessment to assess your function/movement and develop a personalised program to improve how you move, reduce pain and enhance performance in all aspects of life. 

Using the specialised equipment in our O-Lab we’ll look at how you move and identify potential areas we can help improve. We’ll also take the time to get to know any current or previous injuries or chronic pain to help develop a program to improve your quality of life and pain-free movement. 

This assessment allows progression from acute pain management to the chronic, ongoing management of pain or injury.  

2. We’ll develop your program 

Your dedicated Strength & Conditioning coach will develop a personalised program for you and provide a program-level recommendation (1:1 or semi-private group sessions). 

3. Time to book in your first open gym session – you can do this online or by phone. 

During your first session, we’ll walk you through your program and familiarise you with the gym and exercises included in your program. Outside of that weekly session with your coach, you will have access to our open gym.

Booking your open gym session in advance is essential as we limit numbers to guarantee you get access to the equipment you need. These sessions can be booked online or over the phone by calling us on 02 6021 2777.

Get started by booking your strength & conditioning assessment today!