At O-health we believe the best way to optimise your health is with a team of experts to treat you, and a community to support you.

All in one, one-to-one.

We give you access to therapists across multiple disciplines who work together on your personalised treatment plan. Because we know that with the right care at the right time, you can move better, feel better and perform better than you did today. 

Our bodies are amazing, but they require fine tuning to perform at their best.

And in much the same way that a car mechanic isn’t quite the right person to tweak an aeroplane, we know that receiving the right treatment from the right therapist at the right time is the best way to optimise your health. We have the services you need, all in the one place, landing you right where you need to be to maximise yours. 

All of our team members are tertiary-qualified experts in musculoskeletal and neurological health. From physiotherapists and osteopaths, to exercise scientists and exercise physiologists. Not only are we knowledgeable, we’re also passionate communicators and eager collaborators. 

Most importantly, we put you at the centre of your care. 

We work with you to understand your needs, help map your goals, focus on realistic results, and motivate you to achieve them. 

We’ll ensure you are informed, educated and engaged with your recovery. Come with a positive mindset and we’ll do everything we can to help you reach your goals, because we believe better is always possible!. 

We are experts

At O-health you get access to a team of university-qualified health experts from multiple disciplines working together on your personalised treatment plan. Our osteopaths, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and exercise scientists each have specialised knowledge and skills, and they never stop learning! 

Everything we do is built on industry-leading treatments, testing and techniques. 

How are we different from other providers? 

We provide a full circle approach to health. Just like the O in our name! 

We’re more than just osteopaths. Our therapists are osteos, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and exercise scientists – a collection of allied health experts under the one roof who collaborate to ensure you achieve optimal long-term health. 

We describe it as all in one, one-to-one.

Our approach involves three important steps:

  • Diagnose –  identify the underlying cause of your problem
  • Prescribe – develop a plan for bringing you back to optimal health. This may be a treatment plan, active rehab or changes to your behaviour/lifestyle.
  • Optimise – equip you with the knowledge, support and tools you need to optimise your body’s recovery or performance.

We’re acutely aware that no one person is the same. Our bodies and our circumstances can differ greatly. We personalise both treatment and prevention programs to have you moving and feeling your best.

Finding a therapist you ‘click’ with can make a big difference to your treatment success. We know you’ll find someone here at O-health who has the specialised knowledge, skills and personality to help you reach your goals – whether that be reduced pain, increased mobility, healing and recovery.

And we offer all this in an environment that inspires success. Our programs are fun and accessible and you’ll enjoy wraparound support from a community of like-minded people.


We’re a team of experts – Osteos, Physios, Exercise Physiologists & Exercise Scientists – who use our own knowledge, and the skills and support of our peers, to help our patients live a pain-free, active life they love.


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