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Group Classes

Our group classes offer a fun and motivating environment to help you move better, feel better and live better.

Joining a class is a great way to socialise and get moving if you’re struggling to stay accountable when exercising alone. It saves you buying equipment too. Not to mention getting exercises wrong and doing yourself damage.

We keep class numbers small to ensure your individual needs are met. Our classes are beneficial whether you are rehabilitating from an injury, recovering from or preparing for surgery, need help with a chronic condition, or just want to maintain an active lifestyle.

Classes are designed to optimise your core stability, balance control and strength. We use body weighted exercises, fitballs, hand weights and therabands.

We appreciate that everyone has different schedules, so your physio or exercise physiologist will work with you to develop a timetable of classes that fits in with your lifestyle and delivers results.

Exercising with others in our fun, supportive environment can have other positive benefits. It can boost your mental wellbeing and your confidence towards exercise and get you back to doing more of the things you love!

Classes run across the week, so check our timetable to find a time that suits you. New to O-health? Book a trial class.

Find a class (or two) that would best suit you:

Core Health

Pilates-based exercise on the mat to keep your back and core strong.


A whole body strength workout with your injuries in mind to keep you doing what you love.

Group EP

A group class but with your own unique exercise program to help you reach specific goals. *An assessment from one of our Exercise Physiologists is required.

Senior Strength

An interactive exercise class to improve your strength and mobility as you age.


Practice makes perfect. A class to challenge your balance and coordination as you age.


Aimed at young athletes between 10 – 14 years old looking to improve strength and decrease their risk of injury during sport.


An all encompassing pre and post natal exercise class that is individually programmed for you and your stage of motherhood.


Strength and mobility to improve your golf game without hitting a ball.

1:1 Hydrotherapy

For patients with chronic conditions, injuries and illness. No swimming is involved so you do not have to be a confident swimmer. Patients generally progress from water-based sessions to land-based strengthening.

*The patient must complete a 1:1 assessment appointment with a therapist to determine if this therapy is suitable. Appointments are booked and paid for through the clinic, but the therapist will meet the patient at the pool.

OA-health – Osteoarthritis

For people with hip and/or knee osteoarthritis, this class focuses on building strength to reduce pain and improve movement.

Type II Diabetes

An exercise class for those with Type 2 Diabetes which is subsidised through Medicare. *Referral from GP required.

Next Steps – Oncology Rehabilitation

Recovery after cancer treatment, combining the best of yoga for flexibility, Pilates for strength and Cardio for fitness. *Funding available for most people.


An exercise class for all DVA cardholders. *Referral from GP required.

Ortho – Surgery Rehabilitation

Designed to help people maximise their recovery from hip and knee replacements.

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