Better movement starts here.

Residing in a converted warehouse, we have state-of-the-art facilities including well-appointed and generous-sized consult suites as well as a full-scale gym, studio, and active rehab space.

It has been described by patients as ‘The Disneyland of Healthcare’ and the location ‘Where my quality of life lives’. We provide a full circle approach to health. Just like the O in our name! 

We’re more than just osteopaths. Our therapists are osteos, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and exercise scientists – a collection of allied health experts under the one roof who collaborate to ensure you achieve optimal long-term health. 

Put pain behind you and active living ahead, get started today and book your appointment below.

Treatment rooms

We are fortunate to have a state of the art facility where we can offer active rehabilitation and treatment side by side.

All our treatment rooms include cutting edge technology to complement our therapists’ individual skill sets.

Our therapists work together to connect you with the right treatment from the right health professional at the right time – all under one roof. That means no more bouncing back and forth between different therapists in different settings. Your journey to better movement starts and ends here – from pain management to healing and strengthening.

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Our group classes offer a fun and motivating environment to help you move better, feel better and live better.

We keep class numbers small to ensure your individual needs are met. Our classes are beneficial whether you are rehabilitating from an injury, recovering from or preparing for surgery, need help with a chronic condition, or just want to maintain an active lifestyle.

We have plenty of space in our studio and gym to offer an array of specialised classes and equipment.

You can find out more about our group classes here.


Our O-gym boasts innovative technology and specialised strength equipment to test your body’s performance and receive feedback to guide your therapy.

If you are passionate about your active lifestyle or rehabilitation outcomes – we are too, especially about your strength and conditioning.

Our 12-week Strength & Conditioning Programs are delivered by our Exercise Scientists – university-qualified specialists in exercise and sports science – in the O-gym, our purpose-built strength & conditioning gym.

Each program is personalised based on your strength/movement assessment results and specific active lifestyle goals.

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Active Rehab Space

Our EP gym allows us to offer an array of specialised classes and equipment to nuture and support patients requiring high levels of support or supervision.

Exercise Physiologists are university qualified health professionals who have specialised in clinical exercise interventions for people with a broad range of diseases and other chronic conditions.

An exercise physiologists’ therapy aims to prevent or manage chronic disease or injury, and assist in restoring optimal physical function, health, or wellness.

They also provide health and physical activity education, advice, and support for lifestyle modification, with a strong focus on supporting you to change your behaviour.

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