Maternity Class Stream at O-health


You may have noticed a few new additions to the O-health group class timetable (click here), in particular our maternity classes.
We have developed a maternity stream for our O-clients to follow along throughout their pregnancy and postpartum exercise journey.

Physiotherapists Ellie Florence and I, Ellen Williams, have been busy behind the scenes preparing this and are excited to launch it for term 2.

Pregnancy Class

I’m taking the pregnancy exercise class on Monday evenings at 5:45pm. This is a 45-minute class combining pilates, yoga, and strength training.
An assessment is required beforehand to perform some baseline testing and ensure it is safe for you to complete this class.
We want you to enjoy some peace and quiet before the chaos, so this is the only kid-free class in our maternity stream.
Expect a good glute and shoulder burn as our aim is to build your muscular strength and endurance in preparation for labour and being a mother of a newborn.

Mums & Bubs Class

Ellie is taking the postpartum classes on Friday mornings – each class is 45 minutes. Mums & Bubs is at 10:30am.
It is specifically designed for new mums recovering from pregnancy and giving birth.
The focus of the class is to strengthen your core, pelvic floor, and improve your overall mobility with a growing baby.
We recommend waiting 2-4 weeks after a vaginal delivery and for c-section deliveries, we require a doctor’s clearance at your 6-week check-up. 

Mums & Toddlers Class

Mums & Toddlers is at 9:45am. This class is for that next stage of your life, aiming to challenge you further and build on your core, strength and mobility.
No baby-sitters required – hopefully your toddlers will be kept entertained by Ellie and our fun toys.
We aim to incorporate a game within the class however this depends on the day (i.e. tantrums).

Women’s Health at O-health

Last but not least, I wanted to share that I have begun further studies in the area of pelvic health physiotherapy.
Last month I completed my level 1 coursework at Pelvic Health Melbourne.
This is a field that O-health is yet to offer and I look forward to offering this service in time.
I am now fully equipped to deal with any pregnancy-related musculoskeletal issues (including pelvic girdle pain, abdominal separation, back pain and many other conditions). If required, I can assess/refer you to the appropriate health professional for any more serious pelvic related issues.

If you have any questions regarding our maternity stream classes, please don’t hesitate to call on 6021 2777 or email


Ellen Williams, PhysiO