Tips to Control your Type II Diabetes this Christmas

Christmas is a time of celebration. It’s an opportunity to eat, drink and be merry.
However, the risks associated with being a type II diabetic significantly increase at this time of year.
We know that eating delicious food is part of the fun, so how can you enjoy the festive season while still being in control of your health?

O-health’s advice:

  • Be prepared. Indulge a little, but know your limits.
    The old saying ‘everything in moderation’ is gold here.
  • When it comes to exercise, take a day or two to relax.
    This can sometimes be just what our body needs. Then get straight back into it- you will thank us later!
  • Be flexible with exercise. You may need to switch your gym workout to a home workout, or your regular group class to a game of backyard cricket.
  • Check your blood sugars. With higher consumption of food and alcohol around this time of year, blood sugars need to be monitored regularly.
  • Reflect. Look back on what you have achieved this year and think about setting new goals for the new year (we can help with this)!

Our Exercise Professionals are here to provide education, advice and accountability.
They have programs in place to assist you in achieving your new years resolutions.

Whether your goal is as simple as getting on the floor with your kids/grandkids, having a better understanding of your health, or introducing physical activity back into your lifestyle- we are perfectly positioned to help you achieve these goals.

Get a head start on those resolutions and book your next appointment TODAY.

O-health’s Exercise Physiologists run a Medicare supported Type II Diabetes Program.
If you are thinking about making a positive change to your health, learn more about this program HERE.


Enjoy the festive season, and stay safe!

The O-health Team.