Introducing Sam

G’day, I’m Sam and I’ve recently joined the O-health team, who have given me the opportunity to work in the amazing new gym space. Having grown up in Thurgoona, it’s pretty awesome to be able to stay local and work with an amazing group of people, whilst doing what I love.

As a kid I loved playing any sport I could and was always super competitive. I learned from a young age that training harder generally equated to better performance, leading me to do my own research on Google about the best training methods for different sports. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a lengthy document outlining what Essendon Football Club did for preseason in the early 2000’s in a folder somewhere.

This passion led me to studying a Bachelor of Sports Science at Charles Sturt University. Originally wanting to become a Physiotherapist and knowing I wouldn’t achieve the marks, I planned on using Sports Science as a way to transfer into Physiotherapy. However, I decided pretty early on that Strength and Conditioning was what I wanted to get into, as I’m not stuck in a consult room and I get to spend more time with who I’m working with. A desire to improve my knowledge and services led me to studying a Masters of Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning) through Edith Cowan University.

There isn’t a thing that I don’t love about my job (the earlier mornings sometimes test me out a little). I get to not only walk with people on their exercise and rehab journey, but I also get to know people on a personal level. I also love problem solving and being able to work out what path to take someone on to help them get the best results and achieve their goals.

Outside of O-health I love all sports. I currently only play Aussie Rules in one of the local comps, but I’m always happy to pick up something else and have a bit of social fun. I’m also fascinated by people, culture and history, and as a result, love to travel. While I’ve been to some amazing places, you can’t get much better than being surrounded by the Swiss Alps during a European Winter.

As a bit of a side hobby, I’ve been getting involved in home brewing. I’ve always been intrigued by the science of being able to create different styles and flavours of beer and I’m constantly looking at ways to take things to the next level. The beer has been labelled “Hargy’s Hops” and I tend to have a fair bit left over. So if you ask, I met let you have a try!

Hopefully I get to meet you soon. Anyone can feel free to make their way down to the gym space, pop their head in and introduce themselves. I always love to meet new people.


– Sam Hargreave