Introducing Lindsay

Hello Everyone,

My Name is Lindsay and I am the latest edition to the O-health Exercise Physiology team.
I grew up in the North East Victoria region, which helped me develop a great love of sport and the outdoors.

This love of sport encouraged me to study Exercise Science at the University of Ballarat.
During my Bachelor I changed focus and developed a desire to help people improve their quality of life which led me to complete a Graduate Diploma in Exercise Physiology in 2013.
This is also the time I discovered a love of mountain biking which quickly led to a lack of free time and money, as well as a few injuries along the way.


Since that time, I have had extensive experience in various rehabilitation settings within public and private healthcare throughout rural Victoria.
This journey started at Swan Hill District Health where I was involved in a wide range of programs throughout the hospital and community rehabilitation settings. Unfortunately Swan Hill is not conducive to a love of mountain biking, so a move back to the north east was inevitable.

Since moving back to the region in 2016, I have worked with Murray Valley Private Hospital and Tallangatta Health Service.
I have developed a special interest in orthopaedic and musculoskeletal rehabilitation over the last 6 years working in the region, as well as a more recent focus into persistent pain management.
During my time back in the region I have also developed an even more expensive hobby of motorbike riding and racing to add to mountain biking. With a unique combination of winding roads, great MTB trail networks, spectacular scenery and racetracks close by, it’s the perfect place for a love of 2 wheels.

I hope to be able to further develop my clinical skills into new areas as well as continue to progress my interest areas.
I believe O-health provides the perfect environment for me to become a better clinician and continue to provide services to benefit my community.
The O-health team also provides just the right competitive environment to nurture the progression of table tennis skills, which need work in my case.


– Lindsay Kerr