At O-health, we are passionate about your strength and conditioning (S&C)

To support your fitness or rehabilitation outcomes, our Exercise Scientists can provide you with functional programs to:

  • Improve your health
  • Get you back-on-track after injury
  • Develop athletic qualities important to success
  • Assist with chronic pain management

The role of S&C is basically to assess where someone’s function/movement is at, and develop a program to improve movement and strength in a way that reduces pain and improves performance in all aspects of life.

Located in our O-health gym, each session with our Exercise Scientists is focused on your own individualised program to help you meet your performance, fitness and health goals. The major areas of focus are:

  • Functional strength and power
  • Speed & agility
  • Prevent injury, or return from injury faster
  • Move better and run faster
  • Improve mechanics, technique & form
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Meet our Exercise Scientists

Meet Sam and Mathieu, our Exercise Scientists at O-health.
Sam and Mat are highly experienced and tertiary educated with a Bachelor of Sports Science and a Masters in Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning).

Sam is passionate about helping you to train safely while coaching and encouraging ongoing growth in your skills.

Mat is passionate about, and has a strong background in running- both coaching and participating.

Our coaches love seeing clients get results, especially when coming back from an injury. People often tell them that the process of injury recovery brings positive results in their day-to-day lives beyond the sports field.


Strength + Conditioning