At O-health, we are passionate about your strength and conditioning (S&C)

To support your fitness or rehabilitation outcomes, our Strength and Conditioning Coach, can provide you with functional programs to:

  • Improve your health
  • Get you back-on-track after injury
  • Develop athletic qualities important to success
  • Assist with chronic pain management

The role of S&C is basically to assess where someone’s function/movement is at, and develop a program to improve movement and strength in a way that reduces pain and improves performance in all aspects of life.

Located in our O-health gym, each session with our S&C Coach is focused on your own individualised program to help you meet your performance, fitness and health goals. The major areas of focus are:

  • Functional strength and power
  • Fort-specific speed & agility
  • Prevent injury, or return from injury faster
  • Move better and run faster
  • Improve mechanics, technique & form

Meet the Coach

Meet Sam, our Strength and Conditioning Coach. Sam is highly experienced and tertiary educated with a Bachelor of Sports Science and a Masters in Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning).

Sam is passionate about helping you to train safely while coaching and encouraging ongoing growth in your skills.

Sam gets a kick out of seeing clients get results, especially when coming back from an injury. People often tell him that the process of injury recovery brings positive results in their day-to-day lives beyond the sports field.

Sam particularly enjoys working with young athletes, investing in them to develop to their full potential.


Strength + Conditioning