Tips from the team on surviving the Christmas period!

Christmas can be a crazy time of year! For some reason we get the idea in our heads that if everything is not done by the 25th of December, the world will end. Ok so maybe that’s a little dramatic but as fun as the festive season can be, it can also be stressful!

That is why the Osteohealth crew have banded together to bring you our best Christmas tips to get you through this silly season. Follow these and you will surely make it through:

Brant: Overindulgence in alcohol and not quite making it to your bed or sleeping on the couch may end up in a wry neck! Try your best to let your head hit the pillow after one too many Christmas ales and not settle for sleeping in the chair!

Bailey: Normally I would say that Christmas is a breeze and a time of year where I’m winding down and enjoying myself! However, this year is very different for me. Leading up into Christmas and during the Christmas period, I’m juggling work placement for university, assignments/study and working at Osteohealth! My tip to myself is exercising to help blow off some steam and manage stress levels- this will also allow me to have some extra Christmas pudding!

Lisa: If you are a little behind in your Christmas shopping and still having to get out to the shops, don’t worry if the carpark is full! Park away and walk to the shops. It may mean you have a few extra trips to and from the car to avoid carrying heavy items, but you are likely to save time and headaches looking for the perfect park and avoid the stress of exiting the carpark! You will also benefit from the incidental exercise at a time of year when we are often too busy to complete our usual exercise program.

Shez: As a busy mum of two children, Christmas can be quite stressful! I recently read somewhere that children have basically forgotten the presents they received within weeks of Christmas passing but they continually talk about silly and funny things that happened during their holidays. So my Christmas tip is laugh, laugh and more laughs!!

Nikola: RELAX! This time of year can always get a little hectic. My tip would be to make sure you take the time to stop and relax, keep cool and enjoy the break with family and friends. You will all be back into the swing of things before you know it, so soak it up and enjoy it while it lasts!

Tom: People are like sharks- if they stop moving they die. So keep moving!

Kate: Nana naps! All the frivolities of Christmas can be great fun but also very tiring! Make sure if you’re feeling a bit run down from all of the fun, you squeeze in an afternoon nap. Otherwise, if you just need to recharge try a mindfulness app such as smiling minds, this can be a great option.

Sheila: AVOID SHOPS ON A SATURDAY. This is particularly important for your mental, as well as your physical wellbeing. If you absolutely must shop on a Saturday, I recommend treating it like the last 200m of a running race: make sure you know what you are headed in for, sprint in, grab it (and pay for it), and sprint out again. Shopping is a sport that should be taken seriously at this time of year.

Marnie: A HANDy tip for Christmas.. Spend quality time with the ones who matter most. Take the time to talk, reflect on your achievements for the year and plan your goals for the next.

Ross: Lastly on a more serious note, drive safely. Sadly our road toll is still stubbornly high, with most accidents being preventable. Christmas time is of course the most dangerous on our roads. I could go my whole career and be happy to never see another whiplash injury. So don’t get distracted by your phone, stay within the speed limits and don’t take the risk of being over 0.05 so we can look forward to catching up with happy stories in 2019.



We hope you find these helpful in getting you through the silly season.

Thank you to all of our loyal patients for another fantastic year at Osteohealth and we look forward to what 2019 holds for us. Merry christmas!