Bike Fitting

What is a Bike Fit?

A professional bike fit is an important part of achieving your cycling goals. Having your bike set up correctly enables you to train more consistently and with less discomfort.

The basis of a bike fit with O-health is to establish a position which enables you to train for a long time and frequently whilst minimising your potential for injury.

A bike fit at O-health is comprehensive – we fit your body to the bike as much as the bike to your body. Your bike fitting session will entail:

  1. On-and-off the bike biomechanical and injury assessment
  2. Adjustment of your riding position taking into account your biomechanical traits
  3. Your riding goals and your skill level
  4. A post-assessment summary report outlining your assessment results in understandable and relevant terms
  5. Individualised exercise program intended to improve your riding efficiency and minimise injury

Our knowledgeable consultants

Our bike fit consultants are registered Osteopaths and Certified Retul Fit Experts.

Using their clinical injury management skills, they are uniquely positioned to analyse you on and off the bike to create on-bike solutions.

Where to go

We have a purpose built bike fitting studio at Cycle Station (480 Young Street, Albury). Working within the bike shop gives us direct access to any equipment we may need throughout your bike fitting session.

Call O-health on 02 6021 2777 to book your bike fit appointment today!