New kid on the block

What drew me to Osteohealth?

It is always daunting but exciting starting a new job and that was definitely the case for me prior to starting at Osteohealth in December. There were many thoughts running through my mind including:

  1. Will I remember everything I need to?
  2. Is this really happening/am I actually a physio?
  3. How often will they have sweets during lunch?

The latter question being of particular importance because I do really like sweets. Fortunately, I have now been here about a month and so far so good on the remembering things. It really is happening and I am loving being a qualified physiotherapist! Plus, I enjoyed a really nice cheesecake earlier this week during lunch at work, so by all accounts things are going well.

I came into Osteohealth for the first time in 2017 for a couple of days to see what the dynamic trio of therapists (physio, osteo, occupational/hand therapy) got up to behind the scenes. It was this unique mixture of disciplines that intrigues me the most. I didn’t know any of the therapists well but I did know that quite a few of the team loved to ride bikes (similar to me only they all go at a much faster pace). Just over six months later and here I am writing a blog for their website as the new team member!

Did I anticipate this? Not at all.
Am I over the moon that it came about? Absolutely!

I was drawn to Osteohealth because the team comes across as a tight-knit family. A very knowledgeable and welcoming family with various talents across the board. Everyone seems to enjoy a good laugh and are happy to help out another ‘family member’ (or alternatively pay them out as needed in any good family – which is also okay). I read a few of the other therapists’ previous blogs before applying and the pearls of wisdom they offered were things I agreed with. I thought this could be the place for me! Plus, they are located in one of my favourite parts of the world!

Why should you come see me, the new physiotherapist at Osteohealth?

You might be tentative to see me because I am the new kid or because I am a physio (the alleged underdogs of Osteohealth) but being new, fresh and a physio has plenty of advantages! These include:

  • Being nerdy – I have plenty of pearls of wisdom of my own to offer you
  • Extra eagerness/enthusiasm (and an ability to alliterate)
  • Being hands on. I can mobilise stiff joints, massage tight muscles and more!
  • Looking beyond your 30 minute appointment, I can give you all the tips and tricks to keep you well outside of the consult room
  • And plenty more, but you will have to come and see me to find out just what the rest are


-Sheila Smith