More pain…

Pain is normal and the most powerful protective device we have. Pain occurs when your body’s alarm system alerts the brain to actual or potential tissue damage, but this is only part of the story. Pain involves all of your body systems (eg. immune, endocrine, nervous) and all of the responses that occur are aimed at protection and healing. Pain can be so protective that you can’t think, feel or focus on anything else.

When pain persists and feels like it is taking over your life, it is difficult to see how it can have a useful purpose. But even when pain is chronic, it hurts because the brain has concluded that you are threatened, in danger and need protecting. In people with persistent pain, the amount of pain you experience does not necessarily relate to the amount of damage in the tissues. There are many other factors that influence pain such as biological, psychological and social factors. Part of the solution to persistent pain is finding out why your brain thinks that experiencing pain is the best thing for you!

There are many myths, misunderstandings and unnecessary fears about pain. Research shows that the biology of pain can be easily understood and that understanding pain biology changes the way people think about pain, reduces its threat value and improves management of it (Butler 2013).

Our Pain Program at Osteohealth aims to help you to have a modern understanding of pain and how to deal with it effectively. If you currently have persistent pain, this program may be of great assistance to you.

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-Marnie Lowry