Iron(Wo)Man Port Macquarie

Over the last couple of months we have been lucky enough to work with 4 inspiring women who have signed up for the Port Macquarie Ironman Triathlon. This event incorporates a 3.86km Swim, 180.25km Bike, 42.2km Run. For these girls it has been a (minimum) 16 week training program which they have all fitted in around family and work commitments.


Our class has incorporated flexibility, core stability and strength training. It has included advice for good behaviours/injury prevention outside of training hours and we have had a lot of fun working together towards their goal.

This type of training is essential to ensure a safe buildup to such an event and will guarantee a better result on the day for the girls (whether this be a faster time, better recovery OR both). This type of program is something, however, that many competitors consider less important than training for the 3 disciplines of swim, bike, run.  Health professionals consider this training crucial when attempting to optimize performance or achieve a goal.  In fact, athletes will get better results from reducing their training load (eg. from 15hrs a week to 13hrs a week) and instead substituting into their program 2 hours of flexibility and strength training.  It reduces recovery time, reduces injury risk and increases efficiency of movement, control and power.

The Ironman event will take place on Sunday 3rd May. We wish Jo, Paddianne, Juliana and Kristy all the very best on this day and encourage them to have an appointment booked at Osteohealth for the week following the event!


If you are contemplating an event and think that our small group exercise classes may be beneficial, don’t hesitate to ask for Lisa at Osteohealth to discuss. We are excited to announce that Corina Williams-Moir will be joining us in May 2015 to commence Pilates/Tai Chi Classes in our Studio.