Beating the Winter Training Blues

“It’s too cold” – “I’ll start tomorrow” – “I think a cold is coming on”
The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping.
Everyone has been victim of hitting the snooze button or rolling over and going back to sleep. Choosing the couch over the treadmill or slogging it out at the gym.

Below are a few training tips to ward off those demons in your head and push training to the next level when many others are taking the easy way out:

1- Sign up/pick a goal

Registering for an event in Spring and Summer will give you the motivation to train to meet a specific goal. This is applicable to all fitness types, whether it be a 5km fun run or an iron-man triathlon – an end goal in mind will help keep you motivated. trivia questions . Plus forking out cold hard cash for registration will make you less likely to skip race day.

2- Find a Friend

It’s extremely easy to let yourself down and make excuses but when you are letting one of your mates down it’s a lot harder to skip a session.

3- Spoil Yourself

Buying yourself a brand new pair of Asics, a new training top or a pair of 2xu tights will give you a little motivation to train harder. ‘Looking the part is half the battle’.

4- Variety is the spice of life

Doing the same thing day in day out can become monotonous. Albury offers a variety of group training facilities such as All Fit, Fight Gym, Step into Life, Mecca fitness to name a few, why not give one a try.

5- Be Flexible

Some training sessions may not be possible due to inclement weather, work commitments or running around after kids- A treadmill or wind trainer can be effective for getting the desired training effect. Pilates and yoga are other great indoor training options!

6- Change at work

Take your exercise clothes to work and change there. It’s very easy to slump onto the couch if you decide to train of an evening and go home prior to completing your session.

7- Enjoy what you do

No one loves training all of the time. If there are days where you would rather be somewhere else than working up a sweat, it’s time for a change. Vary your intensity, duration and frequency. Alter the venue or find a new activity.


We hope these tips can help you get out and brave our crisp winter weather.  Albury can be stunning at this time of year if you are dressed appropriately – so get out and get amongst it!